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Buddhist Meditation Workshop

This is the last session of the current theme - the next session will be in July

The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind to Dharma

At the heart of Buddha’s teaching are both a profound insight into the nature of things and a vital concern for the welfare of all beings. Buddha declared that the capacity for such insight and compassion exists within us all. He set out a path consisting of three main elements that we can follow to develop these:
• Meditation, which calms the turbulence of mind and develops real insight into how things truly are.
• Ethical behaviour, which transforms our way of relating to others, so that we put their needs first.
• Wisdom, which develops an understanding of the true nature of the world around us.

The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind to Dharma is a fundamental yet profound Buddhist teaching, the foundation of all practice of the Buddhist path. Over four sessions, the four thoughts – precious human birth, impermanence, karma and the nature of suffering – will be described in detail. Interspersed with sessions of calm-abiding and insight meditation, these sessions will form a solid grounding in the three main elements of the Buddhist path.

This course will be led by long-term students of Lama Jampa Thaye, a scholar and meditation master trained in the Sakya and Karma Kagyu traditions of Buddhism and founder of the Dechen Buddhist Community. 

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This course consists of four sessions over four months.

7th March
4th April
2nd May
6th June

Time: 7 - 9pm

Investment: £12 per session (includes tea and cake)

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