We're getting there...

Wow! What an incredible journey we have been on so far at Stanley Mill!

This project has given us the opportunity to renovate a beautiful building that was in need of much love and care. We have taken our time to create a health hub for the people of Macclesfield. We have put so much time and energy into the place and are really seeing it all come together now. With so much renovation to do and so much paperwork to wait for, now we understand why it is so difficult to give a definite opening date to all you wonderful new customers out there!

We must take this moment to thank all of those who have dropped in to say hi and see how things are going. It has been a pleasure to stop and talk and we look forward to seeing you in the café enjoying a hot drink or perhaps a wholesome bite to eat. We have largely taken on the project ourselves, which we are very proud of. When we open, it will be a pleasure to look around and think that we built the kitchens, the cosy therapy and waiting rooms and created a space for the community of Macclesfield, and beyond, to enjoy. Working with such an old building has presented us with many challenges that have taken time to resolve. With patience and determination, the opening day will arrive when the time is right. July has crept up on us and we still have some work to do – The Button Warehouse will be much more than just a café so please stay tuned and we will post the news of the grand opening day soon!

Love and best wishes,

Emma and Joe